Forty 40 Rules of Love - Rumi

40 Rules of Love by Rumi. Summary of forty 40 rules of love. Saying of what is love and love quotes. list of forty rules of love.

Forty 40 Rules of Love - Rumi

Rule 1:

A direct representation of how we see ourselves is how we see Heaven. If God primarily brings fear and blame to mind, it means that there is so much fear and blame inside us. If we see God as full of grace and devotion, so are we.

Rule 2:

The road to the Reality is the work of the spirit, not of the mind. Making your heart the biggest reference for you! Not a mind of yours. Meet, challenge and finally, in your spirit, triumph over your nafs. Knowing your ego is going to take you to God's knowledge.

Rule 3:

Through all and everyone in the world, you will research Religion, for God is not limited to a mosque, synagogue or church. But if you ever need to know precisely where his home is, there is only one way to look for him: the heart of a true lover.

Rule 4:

Intellect and passion consist of numerous products. Intellect binds people in knots and loses nothing, but all tangles are broken by love and everything is risked. "The intellect is always careful and advises, "Beware of so much ecstasy," while love says, "Ah, never mind! Grab the dive! Intellect does not break down quickly, whereas passion can reduce itself to rubble seamlessly. Yet treasures are covered in the amon.

Rule 5:

Many of the world's challenges emerge from language errors and common misunderstandings. Do not take words at face value, ever. As we know, vocabulary becomes outdated when you walk into the zone of passion. Only by silence may that which can not be placed into words be understood.

Rule 6:

Two different aspects are isolation and solitude. It is quick to delude yourself into thinking you are on the right course when you are alone. For us, loneliness is easier, since it suggests being alone without feeling alone. But finally, finding a person who will be your reflection is the best thing. Know that you can only really see yourself and God's love inside you in another person's core.

Rule 7:

Whatever happens in your life, don't enter the neighbourhood of desperation, no matter how disturbing things might appear. Even if all the doors stay locked, God will just open a new way for you. Only be grateful! When all is well, it is convenient to be grateful. A Sufi is grateful not only for what he was granted but also for all he was denied.

Rule 8:

Patience does not mean enduring in a passive manner. It involves looking at the conclusion of a procedure. What is persistence meant to mean? It means staring at a thorn and seeing a rose, looking at the night and seeing the sunrise. Impatience involves being shortsighted in order not to be able to see the result. God's lovers never run out of patience, for they know the time is required for the fullness of the crescent moon.

Rule 9:
It makes no difference to the east, west, south, or north. No matter what your destination, just make sure that every trip is a journey. If you fly inside, you can travel all over and outside the big globe.

Rule 10:

The midwife understands that since there is no suffering, it is not possible to open the way for the baby and the mother can not give birth. Likewise, for the birth of a new self, hardship is required. Just like clay has to go through extreme heat to become solid, it is only in agony that love can be perfected.

Rule 11:

The user's quest for love shifts. Among those who look for love, there is no seeker who has not matured on the path. The moment you start searching for love, inside and beyond, you start to shift.

Rule 12:

In this planet, there are more phoney gurus and false teachers than the number of stars in the visible universe. Do not mistake power-driven, self-centred individuals for real mentors. A true spiritual master will not focus your attention to himself or herself and will not expect you to gain total loyalty or full appreciation, but will encourage you to understand and respect your inner self instead. As clear as glass, real mentors are. They let God's light move through them.

Rule 13:

Learn not to resist the modifications that come your way. Let life live through you instead. And don't think about your life gets turned upside down. How do you know that the side that you are used to is stronger than the side that comes to you?

Rule 14:

God, both outwardly and innerly, is busy with the fulfilment of your job. He's busy with you absolutely. Every human being is a work in progress that is progressing towards perfection slowly but inexorably. Both waiting and working to be done, we are each an incomplete piece of art. God works individually with each of us because humanity is a fine art of professional penmanship where the whole picture is equally relevant to every single dot.

Rule 15:

It is easy to love a great Deity who is unblemished and unfailing. For all their imperfections and flaws, what is even more difficult is to respect fellow human beings. Note, only what one is willing to love can be understood. Without devotion, there is no wisdom. We will not fully worship nor truly know God until we grow to love the creation of God.

Rule 16:

The one inside is true confidence. It actually washes the remainder off. There is only one type of dirt that can not be washed with pure water, and that is the soul-contaminating stain of hate and bigotry. Via abstinence and fasting, you may purify your body, but only love can purify your core.

Rule 17:

Within a single human being, you, the whole world is contained. All you see around you, all the stuff you do not like and also the characters you hate or abhor, is present to varying degrees inside you. Therefore, do not look outside of yourself for Sheitan either. The devil is not an uncommon entity that strikes from the outside. It's an ordinary inner voice. When you set out to truly understand yourself, face sincerity and harshness.

Rule 18:

If you wish to change the way people treat you, you can change the way you treat yourself first, absolutely and truly, there is no way you will be loved. However, once you complete that step, be grateful for any thorn that others might throw at you. It's a hint that you'll be showered with roses soon.

Rule 19:

Not where the road takes you. Concentrate on the first move instead. That's the worst part, and you are accountable for that. Let it do as it does naturally once you take the step and the rest will follow. With the river, don't go. Be a stream.

Rule 20:

We were all created in His likeness, and yet we were each created distinct and distinctive. There are no two persons alike. No hearts were pounding at the same pace. He would have made it so if God had allowed everybody to be the same. Therefore, it is a question of disrespecting the holy system of Heaven to neglect distinctions and force the opinions on anyone.

Rule 21:

the tavern, but when a wine bibber enters the same chamber, it becomes his tavern. It is our souls that make the difference with everything we do, not our outward presence. Sufis do not classify other persons for what they look like or who they are. When a Sufi looks at someone, instead of opening a third eye, the eye which sees the inner world, he holds both eyes closed.

Rule 22:

Life is a fleeting loan, and a sketchy imitation of reality is nothing but this universe. Only kids will mistake the real thing for a doll. And yet human beings either become infatuated with the toy, or smash it and cast it away disrespectfully. Keep away from all manner of extremities in this world, for they will wreck the inner equilibrium. Sufis aren't going to extremes. A Sufi stays mild and moderate at all times.

Rule 23:

A human being has a special role in the creation of God. God says, "I breathed My Spirit into Him." Without exception, each and every one of us is made to be God's representative on earth. Tell yourself, if you ever do this, how many do you feel as a delegate? Note, finding the holy spirit inside and working with it falls on each of us.

Rule 24:

There is hell now right now. So is the heaven. Avoid thinking about hell or dreaming about heaven, for all of them are there at this very moment. We ascend to heaven and time we fall in love. We tumble right into the flames of hell each time we hate, envy or fight someone.

Rule 25:

On a separate degree of tandem, each and every reader knows the Holy Qur'an with the scope of his comprehension. Four layers of insight exist. The outer sense is the first level, and it is one of which the majority of people are happy. The Batin, the inner step, is next. Thirdly, the inner one is the inner one. And the fourth dimension is so sublime that it can not be translated into terms, so it is bound to remain indescribable.

Rule 26:

One being is the world. In an invisible network of stories, everything and everything is intertwined. We are all in quiet dialogue, whether we are mindful of it or not. Don't do any harm. Practise empathy. And do not whisper behind the back of someone, not even an obviously innocent comment! The words that come out of our mouths do not dissolve, but are preserved in endless space indefinitely and will return to us in due time. The pain of one man would affect us all. The pleasure of one man will make everyone happy.

Rule 27:

Anything you think, good or bad, will return to you eventually. Therefore, if anyone harbours sick feelings about you, it would only make matters worse to say equally awful words to him. In a vicious pit of malevolent powers, you will be locked up. Instead, say and think good things about the person for forty days and nights. By the end of 40 days, everything will be different, and you will be different inside.

Rule 28:

An understanding is a past. The world is all about fantasies. The universe no longer continues through time as though it were a straight line, from the past to the future. Instead, time, in relentless spirals, passes across and inside us. Infinite time does not signify forever, but merely timelessness. Put the past and the future out of your sight if you wish to witness everlasting light, and linger in the current moment.

Rule 29:

Destiny doesn't imply that your destiny has been predetermined exclusively. Therefore, it is a symbol of sheer stupidity to live everything up to fate and not consciously add to the music of the world. The music of the world is all-pervading, and 40 distinct layers are composed of it. The stage where you perform your tune is your destiny. You do not change your instrument, but your hands are absolutely in the right direction to play.

Rule 30:

The real Sufi is such that he endures calmly even though he is unjustly blamed, assaulted and condemned on all directions, uttering not a single negative word about any of his opponents. A Sufi would never blame apportionments. How do competitors or rivals or even "others" occur because, in the first place, there is no "self"? How would anyone be to blame if there is just one?

Rule 31:

You will need to soften within, if you want to reinforce your faith. Your heart has to be as fragile as a feather for your confidence to be rock solid. We are also faced with experiences that teach us how to become less narcissistic and judgmental and more caring and charitable during an injury, event, failure or fright, one way or another. However, some of us understand the lesson and succeed in being milder, while others end up being much worse than before...

Rule 32:

between you and God, nothing can stand. No imams, bishops, rabbis or some other spiritual or religious leadership custodians. Not divine masters, not even faith in you. Trust your principles and your laws, but never rule it over anyone. Whatever religious obligation you do is no good if you keep crushing the hearts of other people. Keep away from all forms of idolatry, otherwise your vision can blur. Let your guide be God and only God. Learn the truth, my mate, but be careful not to turn your truth into a fetish.

Rule 33:

While everyone in this world tries to get there and become something, you are heading for the supreme stage of nothingness, just to leave it all behind after death. As light and hollow as the number zero, live this life. With a kettle, we're no different. It is not the outer decorations, but the inside emptiness that keeps us upright. It is not what we strive to do, just like that, but the awareness of nothingness that holds us alive.

Rule 34:

Submission doesn't mean being passive or powerless. This corresponds neither to fatalism nor to capitulation. Simply the reverse. Real power lies in the power that falls within submission. Those who submit to the spiritual nature of creation, even the entire universe goes through chaos after turmoil, will remain in undisturbed tranquillity and harmony.

Rule 35:

It is not correlations or regularities in this universe that are moving us a step ahead, but blunt opposites. And within each and every one of us, all the opposites of the world are present. The believer must then face the unbeliever that exists inside him. And the unbeliever in him needs to get to know the quiet faithful. Faith is a slow process until the day you hit the stage of Insane-I Kamil, the ultimate human being, and one that demands its seeming opposite: denial.

Rule 36:

On the theory of reciprocity, this universe is erected. Neither a drop of goodness would remain unreciprocated nor a speck of bad. Not because of other people's schemes, deceptions, or tricks. Know, if anyone is setting up a trap, so is Heaven. He's the ultimate plotter. Not even a leaf is stirring outside of the awareness of Heaven. Believe in it, clearly and completely. He does it wonderfully, whatever God does.

Rule 37:

God is a meticulous builder of docks. His order is so exact that everything on earth takes place in its own time. Neither late for a minute nor early for a minute. And the clock works accurately for everyone, without exception. There is a time for and of us to love and a time to die.

Rule 38:

It's never too late to ask yourself, "Am I ready for the life I live to change?" Am I ready for a transition from within? Even if a day in your life is the same as it was the day before, it is definitely a shame. One can be refreshed and renewed again at every moment and for any fresh breath. To be born into a new world, there is only one way: to die before death.

Rule 39:

If the part moves, the whole is still the same. A new one is born for any thief who departs this planet. And any person who dies as a descendant is replaced by a new one. Not only does nothing stay the same in this sense, but nothing ever really improves. For every Sufi who dies, somewhere, another is born.

Rule 40:

No account is taken of a life without passion. Don't ask yourself what type of love, spiritual or material, religious or mundane, Eastern or Western, you should pursue. Divisions only add to further divisions. Love doesn't have any names, no meanings. That is, plain and basic, what it is. Love is life's bath. And a lover is a fire-soul! When fire loves water, the world transforms differently.

Reference: Elif Shafak's Forty Laws of Love

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