How to write a five paragraph essay

If you are assigned an essay in class, if you do not have a good starting point, then it will be difficult for you to make it clear. Of course, there are many ways to write in high school , but if you do not master the basic outline, you will not improve. Although the format of the five-paragraph essay is very basic (for example, it is definitely not what you use for the enhanced ACT writing test ), but if you do not have a lot of essay writing experience, then this is a good start.

How to write a five paragraph essay

First paragraph: Introduction

The first paragraph consists of about 5 sentences and serves two purposes:

  1. Grab the reader's attention
  2. Provide the main points of the whole paper (thesis)

In order to get the reader's attention, your first few sentences are the key. Use descriptive text , anecdotes , compelling questions, or interesting facts related to your topic to attract readers. Practice creativity through creative writing prompts and get some ideas in interesting ways to start writing essays.

To make your point, the last sentence of your first paragraph is the key. The last sentence of the introduction tells the reader what you think of the assigned topic and lists a few points you will write in the essay.

Here is an example of a good introductory paragraph: "Do you think teenagers should have a job in high school?"

I have had a job since I was twelve. When I was a teenager, I cleaned the house for my family, made bananas at the ice cream parlor, and waited for tables in various restaurants. I did all of this, and at the same time I got a pretty good grade point average in school. Of course, teenagers should be employed in high schools, because work teaches them discipline , earns them cash to go to school, and frees them from hardship.

  1. Pay attention to the hand: "I have had a job since I was twelve." A bold statement, right?
  2. Thesis: "Teenagers should definitely have jobs in high school, because jobs teach them discipline, make money for them, and get them out of trouble." Show the author's point of view and provide the main points to be mentioned in the paper.

Paragraphs 2-4: Explain your point of view

Once you have presented your thesis, you must explain yourself. The next three paragraphs of work-the main text paragraph-will use statistics , facts, examples, anecdotes and examples from your life, literature, news or elsewhere to explain the main points of your thesis.

The argument in the example introduction is that “teenagers should definitely have jobs in high school, because work teaches them discipline, makes money for them, and gets them out of trouble.”

  1. Paragraph 2: Explain the first point of your essay: " Young people should have jobs in high school because work teaches them discipline."
  2. Paragraph 3: Explain the second point from your essay: "Youth should be employed in high school, because employment can earn cash to go to school."
  3. Paragraph 4: Explain the third point of your essay: " Young people should be employed in high school because work keeps them out of trouble."

In each of these three paragraphs, your first sentence, called the topic sentence , will be the point you explained from the essay. After the topic sentence, you will write 3-4 sentences to explain why this fact is true. The last sentence should move you to the next topic.

The following is a possible example of paragraph 2:

Teenagers should be employed in high school because the work teaches discipline. I know it was first-hand. When I work in an ice cream shop, I must show up on time every day, otherwise I will be fired. This taught me how to maintain a schedule , which is the first step in maintaining discipline. As a housekeeper cleaning the floor and washing the windows in my family’s home, I learned another aspect of discipline, which is thoroughness. I knew that my aunt would check me, so I learned how to stick to a task until it was perfect. This requires strict discipline from a teenager, especially when she wants to read a book. In these two tasks, I must also manage my time and continue working until the task is completed. I learned this discipline from suppressing work, but strict self-control is not the only lesson I learned.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Once you have written the introduction and explained your main points in the main body of the paper, with a nice transition between each paragraph , the final step is to end the paper. The conclusion consists of 3-5 sentences and has two purposes:

  1. Review what you mentioned in the paper
  2. Leave a lasting impression on readers

Looking back, your first few sentences are the key. Use different words to reiterate the three main points of your paper, so that you know that readers have understood your position.

To leave a lasting impression, the last sentence is the key. Before closing the paragraph, let the reader think about it carefully. You can try a quote, a question, an anecdote, or just a descriptive sentence. The following is an example of a conclusion:

I can't speak for anyone, but my experience tells me that having a job as a student is a very good idea. It not only teaches people to maintain self-control in their lives, but also provides them with the tools they need to succeed, such as money for college tuition or a recommendation letter from the boss. Of course, it is difficult to become a teenager without work pressure, but it is important not to make sacrifices for all the benefits of having a job.

The implementation of these steps in practice essay writing, writing items such as photos and other writing tips . The easier it is to write this article, the easier the writing process.

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