The difference between history and social studies

The difference between History and Social Studies is, History is a subject that deals with past events while Social Studies is a study of collective features of society. History is a branch of social studies that mainly focuses on historical events and developments from the past while Social studies involve more human activities both in the past as well as in the present. Both the History and Social studies involve human activities the primary focus of study. The difference lies in the scope and usage of these subjects.

The difference between history and social studies

History and Social Studies

History and social studies belong to the academic world. Both are considered survey questions and are listed as compulsory subjects in most schools and courses. Human factors are common in both studies. History is concerned with the people involved in history and the human contributions that led to historical events. At the same time, social research treats society as a collective human entity, paying attention to it as an individual member. Although social science and history are similar in nature to research, they differ in scope and nature.

For example, history is an entity's study of its past, events, people, and other important variables that contribute to content in a specific context. As a research, it aims to discover, collect and interpret past data or information. This may be a person or a cultural relic as evidence of human records. History often creates past constructions and contributions related to the past.

On the other hand, social research involves various fields and an entity called society. It involves society, work styles and other people-related issues such as social behavior or compliance, traditions and culture. The social sciences integrate the fields of social studies and the humanities in this umbrella term covering human behavior, interaction, and past and present human society.

History can be classified in many different ways: by time period or time, geographic location or discipline. History can also be recorded (usually written) or unrecorded (oral history and tradition).

The main purpose of social research is to allow citizens to make important decisions as members of society. Individual citizens can make a huge contribution to the growth or decline of the society to which an individual belongs. Social research includes disciplines and independent research fields. This includes history, economics, political science, psychology, anthropology, geography, social sciences, sociology, archaeology, communication, linguistics, law, philosophy, and religion.

Comparison Table Between History and Social Studies (in Tabular Form)

Parameters of comparison Capitalism Mercantilism
Meaning Capitalism is an economical practice were privately owned enterprises aim at generating profits. Mercantilism is an economical practice that focuses on maximizing profits by increasing exports and minimizing imports.
Objective Capitalism aims at earning profits to expand the business or industry. Mercantilism aims at exporting traded goods.
Tariffs Under capitalism, low tariff rates are imposed. Under mercantilism, high tariff rates are imposed.
World wide acceptance Capitalism enjoys a worldwide acknowledgment and this economic activity is largely preferred. Mercantilism does not enjoy a worldwide acknowledgment since this economic activity is gradually becoming extinct.
Government intervention Capitalism usually operates without the intervention of the government. Mercantilism mainly accumulates money for the nation while the state controls the economy.


1. History and social studies are familiar studies in the school. Both studies included school curricula at many levels of education (elementary school, middle school, and university). 

2. A major component of the two disciplines is to focus on people or human factors, from individual to society (social studies), and the contribution of people and human factors in the historical (historical) process. 

3. Social research is a broad category, including many related disciplines, including history. This category usually includes the social sciences and humanities disciplines. On the other hand, history can be classified as belonging to the social sciences and the humanities.

 4. Social research focuses on the activities of society as an entity and its members (interpersonal interactions, relationships, culture and traditions, and other human aspects). On the other hand, history also involves people who specifically refer to past events. In addition, history is concerned with past contributions and structures that affect the world today. 

5. Social research includes many disciplines, such as: history, economics, politics, psychology, anthropology, geography, social sciences, sociology, archaeology, etc. At the same time, history is a specific study that can be classified by period, geographic location or discipline. In addition, history can take the form of written or oral history.

 6. History is time-limited, mainly arranged in chronological order, and social studies (and some disciplines belonging to this category) do not conform to this form. Both social research and history are constrained by qualitative and quantitative research methods.

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