Who is Gabriel Magheis - Interesting facts

Our biography of Gabriel Magalhaes tells you facts about his childhood story, early life, parents, family, parents, girlfriend/wife, net worth, lifestyle and personal life.

Who is Gabriel Magheis - Interesting facts

In short, this is the story of this Brazilian football player's entire journey from childhood to success. To stimulate your autobiographical appetite, here is the perfect summary of the biography of Gabriel Magalhaes-Gabriel Magalhaes (Gabriel Magalhaes), a teenager in his adult gallery

There is no doubt that 2020 will clarify many unexpected situations in Arsenal football. Interestingly Arteta to make the fans feel a pleasant way was the arrival of the iconic defender.

Now, there is a lot of news about his transfer, and fans may not read too much about Gabriel Magalhaes' biography. Therefore, we published this excellent article. Without further ado, let's get started.

Gabriel Magalhaes childhood story:

First of all, his full name is Gabriel Dos Santos Ma Jialin. The Brazilian footballer was born on December 19, 1997, to his parents Marcelo Magalhaes in the Pirituba district of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Gabriel Jr. (pictured below) is one of many children born from the union between his father Marcelo and a little-known mother.

Yes, you and I know that everyone is born with a unique talent. However, the time to discover and use the gift depends on the owner. Fortunately, Gabriel Magalhaes (Gabriel Magalhaes) discovered his football talent at a very young age and was supported by his mom and dad.

When recalling his childhood, Gabriel remembers playing football with his friends every time he returns to school after school. The truth is that words cannot explain the joy and satisfaction he captures when he plays football. Just like football has become the biggest force that dominates Gabriel’s "Childhood" deal.

Family background of Gabriel Magalhaes:

Fortunately, the entire family of future Arsenal players did not turn a blind eye to the outstanding skills he showed. The good news is that Gabriel Magalhaes' parents’ love of football is like the future of the family. Therefore, they seek opportunities to help their son develop professional football. We will provide you with more points in his biography later.

Gabriel Magalhaes (Gabriel Magalhaes) family backgroud

Usually, we will discuss the ethnicity of Brazilians from the inheritance of Brazilians. Judging from the place of birth, the family of Gabriel Magalhaes originated in São Paulo. If you don’t know, this is where the Brazilian city is located.

Gabriel, like most of his family members, speaks fluent São Paulo dialect-Portuguese. However, football requires Brazilians to learn French.

In short, Gabriel can communicate in Portuguese and French. Gabriel Magalhaes (Gabriel Magalhaes) football originexpedition: For young people, growing up on the streets of Pirituba-an area on the northwest side of São Paulo is full of childhood sports memories.

At that time, he often marked himself playing football with his friends. Seeing the possibility of a football career, the neighbors had to suggest that Gabriel Magheis’ parents let their son enroll in football school.

Fortunately, his father succumbed to public advice and registered the young Gabriel in the football school. Do you know? …After only two weeks in the football school, this young guy had the opportunity to play a football game. Gabriel and his father walked more than 400 miles to meet at the club Avai in Florianopolis. You will not believe the fact that the Brazilian football prodigy performed well and won a permanent position at Avai Academy.

The first occupational obstacle: the struggle with homesickness:

Interestingly, the young Brazilian left the Awai Football Academy at the age of 13. This is the first time he has left his family. The fact is that whenever he thinks about his family, he feels unbearable. Sadly, Gabriel could not let go of his father, mother and siblings to participate in football matches. Therefore, he gave up football and returned to his residence.

After arriving home, everything seemed strange to the young Gabriel. First, he had to recruit himself to be alone and think about his decision. Fortunately, Gabriel's father gave him some advice. Adhering to his father's words of encouragement, the young Brazilian began to return to Avai Academy. This started his football career.

Leave the family again to participate in the football match:

Back Avai (Avai), the young man began to focus on the game, just like other people in Brazil Gabriel did the same - Barbosa and Martinelli . The fact is, defense is not his top priority. Like most of his fellow front row as the beginning of the play, as Vinicius Junior and David Daniels .

Unfortunately, Gabriel's performance in training did not reflect the character of an excellent attacker. Therefore, his coach had to convert him to the left-back position, because his left foot is more suitable for the defensive role. Fortunately, Gabriel's hard work and continuous training have yielded results. By the age of 18, Gabriel played for the club for the first time.

The road to fame of Gabriel Magalhaes:

After playing for Avaí for a few years, Gabriel left his family this time for a faraway country France. He signed to League 1 team-Lille (LOSL). After Gabriel arrived in France, he was fascinated and shocked by the cold weather of social networks and French (French).

Therefore, he took some time to adapt to the climatic conditions of the environment. In addition, Gabriel also took a private course to learn French. He didn't spend much time before Lille lent ESTAC Troyes in September 2017. Lyon's poor performance in Garrière. Before he was loaned to Dinamo II Zagreb, he only played for the team for one game.

Success stories of Gabriel Magalhaes:

After returning from the loan in 2018, 2019, Youngster has the opportunity to perform impressively. In fact, Gabriel scored his first goal for Lille in a match against the famous Paris Saint-Germain in October-one of those goals he won't rush to forget.

Rising in the top eleven of "Lille", "Icon of Brazil" quickly gained enough playing time. His progress is undisputed. Do you know? ... He likes Victor Aoximuen (Victor Osimhen) to become the topic of the town in 2020.

Ascending to Marquinhos, Gabriel began to attract influential clubs such as Manchester United FC and Arsenal FC during the opening of the transfer market in 2020. It was Arsenal's Mikel Arteta making a long-term deal he signed a contract in 2020 XNUMX months to become a reality. The rest, as they said, has become history.

About Gabriel Magalhaes (Gabriel Magalhaes)


Since his fame, Brazil's brilliance has allowed fans and bloggers to inquire about his love life. Judging from his fresh and lovely appearance and play style, it is undeniable that ladies do not want to line up for the positions of potential girlfriends, wives and mothers of children.

The fact is that Gab maintains his personal relationship life. The dedicated football player realizes that he must put in extra effort to record great professional achievements. Of course, this should be done before revealing his girlfriend. Now, he tries his best to avoid any form of distraction. From all the interviews conducted by Gabriel, he has never expressed interest in getting married or raising a family. He may feel that it is too early to get married.

The family life of Gabriel Magalhaes:

Yes, most Arsenal fans have been praising this iconic player. To be honest, you would not know him without the support of his family (especially his parents). Let us tell you more about them!

About the father of Gabriel Magalhaes:

First of all, Super Dad’s name is Marcelo Magalhaes, and he is his number one fan. Marcelo Magalhaes is a father, until now, he always sees his son in the gym. Even in the darkest moments of Gabriel's career, his father always took time to support him morally and spiritually. The picture above is Marcelo Magalhaes and Gab.

About the mother of Gabriel Magalhaes:

Similarly, another unparalleled figure in Brazilian life is his mother. The first one of us to observe her was a shy media attitude. Although she doesn't like taking snapshots, Gabriel's mother has always hoped that he can succeed. As shown below, this maternal care brings many benefits.

Can she really be his mother?  He gave her a beautiful car.

Just like every responsible mother would do, Mrs. Marcelo Magalhaes (Marcelo Magalhaes) often counsels her children on some sensitive issues in their children's lives.

About the Gabriel Magheis brothers and sisters:

The fact is, he was not born alone. Gabriel Magalhaes has siblings, a brother Vinicius and an older sister Mayara. There is an unfathomable relationship between them. By checking Mr. Football’s Instagram, we know this page, which shows Gabriel’s brothers and sisters as his most loyal fans.

In detail, Gabriel Maghes’ brother Vinicius (not Real Madrid’s V-rated boy ) and sister Mayara reached a transfer agreement with Arsenal, and immediately followed Arsenal’s Instagram. page. Of course, this football player is very much loved, and as the breadwinner of the family, he leads by example.

About the relatives of Gabriel Magalhaes:

Because of his distinctive personality, there is no valid information about Gabriel’s parents and grandparents. Likewise, the newly acquired Arsenal player does not need to talk about his uncles and aunts, his nephews and Nieces.

Personal life of Gabriel Magalhaes:

Like Neymar and many other established players, the defender is a fashionista. His clothes and appearances outside the football field fully proved Gabriel's love of fashion. who knows? …If football has not been resolved, maybe the defender might consider studying the model.


Interestingly, Gabriel Magalhaes also showed interest in other activities not related to football. Once upon a time, he revealed that his hobbies included playing video games and travelling. What is fascinating is that the football player has become interested in watching basketball games. 

Gabriel Magalhaes lifestyle prole:

Although Gabriel has not yet reached the peak of his career, he has conducted reasonable financial litigation through football. Gabriel's income can enable him to lead a balanced life, even if his salary cannot measure his preferences. Lionel Messi , C. Ronaldo and Neymar .

Gabriel Magalhaes' salary and net worth:

It is only a matter of time before his salary and salary increase. At the time of writing this resume, Gabriel Magalhaes' net worth was estimated at 175,000 Euros. Gabriel Magalhaes car: As of 2020, Brazilian football players have accumulated various luxury cars worth about 50 billion U.S. dollars. As shown in the picture below, he owns a large number of exotic cars as part of his assets.

Unknown facts by Gabriel Magalhaes:

Summarizing our memoirs, here are some truths that can help you fully understand Man's 6 ft 3.

Fact 1:

His prot of 11 pence per second: In order to show how wealthy this football player is, we analyzed Gabriel Magalhaes's Arsenal salary to show his income since coming here.

Fact 2:

Gabriel Magalhaes pet: Of course, he will not be excluded when it comes to caring for pets. One of Gabriel's puppy doesn't look scary. Not only does he love and cherish it, but he usually labels it with him every time he walks.

Fact 3:

Gabriel Magalhaes tattoo: The Arsenal defender is good at showing off his massive body ink. Even wearing his jersey, everyone can clearly see the charm of his left-hand ink Unlike many defenders Sergio Ramos, Djibril Cisse and red marker, Gabriel only interested in light-coloured tattoos. This is why he only tattoos his left arm, while the aforementioned defender tattoos almost all parts of his body.

Fact 4:

Average FIFA rating: On the field, the young player showed quite good football ability, which won him a good evaluation from FIFA. As you can see from the picture below, Gabriel has the potential to improve his skills and become a more valuable player

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