CSS 2019 English Translation

CSS 2019 English Translation, In order to know ones weaknesses, it is essential to determine what our enemies think of us.

Q: اسلم میرا جانی دشمن ہے?

A. Aslam is my hard enemy
B. Aslam is my enemy
C. Aslam is my intense enemy
D. Aslam is my sworn enemy

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Q: وہ تو نکما لڑکا ہے?

A. He is a lazy boy
B. He is a lazy fellow
C. He is a good for nothing
D. He is good for nothing

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Q: انگریزی انگریزوں کی زبان ہے?

A. English is a British language
B. English is the English language
C. English is English language
D. English is a Britin language

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Q: وہ کچھ اونچھا سنتا ہے?

A. He listens loud
B. He is a bit hard at hearing
C. He wants to listen loud
D. He is low at the hearing

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